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Air Ambulance is a service, wherein a patient under critical or bedded condition is transferred from their home site to other location for medical treatment on an aircraft that has emergency facility on board. Air Ambulance will be fully equipped with ICU facilities (Ventilator/Oxygen/Monitors) etc to ensure safe and effective treatment of patients during the flight, or up to the time they reach their destination. No matter what the condition of the patient is, and where they are supposed to be shifted, we do our best to airlift such patients and make them reach at a safer place, as quick as possible. We fly to over 36 countries globally for patient transfers.

Our Aircrafts has following ICU Equipments on board:

  • Portable Emergency Ventilator
  • Resuscitation Kit with Ventilator
  • Emergency Kit with Ventilator
  • ECG Machine
  • Oxygen cylinder
  • Wheel Chair Stretcher
  • Scoop Stretcher
  • Folding Stretcher
  • Auto Loading Ambulance Stretcher
  • Electrical Suction Pump
  • Portable Patient Monitor
  • Automatic External Defibrillator
  • Any other Instrument deemed necessary for transportation of critically injured/ill patient

How to book an Air Ambulance ?

  • Give a phone call or Wats Up message to our Emergency Center: +91 9998111179 (Available: 24/7) Worldwide.
  • Your call will be answered by a professional team member. You will be asked to share patient medical conditions in detail. If required may be a call with the treating doctor will be asked.
  • Once medical history and condition of patient is known, our operations team will pass the information to our medical experts for a review. Once it is approved, the operations team starts the process.
  • You will be asked to submit few copy of documents like medical reports, passport or Visa (in case of intl flight) etc by email or fax..
  • In a while you will receive a call or message from our operations team with the best possible economical charges for Air Ambulance along with other flight details. Once you book and make the payments, your flight will be treated as confirmed.
  • Our team will ensure that all required permissions and documentations at Airports, Customs & Immigrations (if required), ground Ambulance etc is well arranged. You will not be required to bother about anything, other than caring of your loved ones.
  • We do Air Ambulance on dedicated aircrafts and also on Commercial Airliner, that comes with full medical team with ICU facility on board. We have some exclusive arrangements with top airliners globally for the same.
  • Our team may include Cardiologist, Neurologist, Anesthesiologist, Orthopedic, Critical Care consultants as deemed fit, with reference to patient condition and records.
  • Once flight is booked, we conduct the flight while each & every information about the flight movement and other relevant details are shared to the patient’s family or hospitals. We provide Bed to Bed transfers in most probable cases. Patient is flown to the destination and only once admitted in another hospital, then only our medical team gets relieved from their task. If patient is not that critical and can sit and travel, we can also provide medical escort on flights.

Is it safe & secure to airlift critical patients on Air Ambulance or Commercial Airliner ? Can family member accompany the patient?

Yes, it is very much safe to shift critical patients. This is why our medical experts (doctors) review the patient condition and accordingly an action plan is made to airlift. As we have all ICU equipments on board including ventilators and a trained medical team to handle any worst conditions on board. Our team ensures that the patient is given at most care with best medical facility on board to have a safe and secure journey to the destination. We have the experience of shifting various critical patients around the world successfully. Yes, 1-2 family members can also travel along with us. We do all necessary arrangements for your travel too.

Can we book a Medical Escort ?

Yes, if the patient is fit to fly while sitting on the seat, but require some sort of medical assistance. In such case, rather taking an Air Ambulance, we can shift the patient on normal airliner in a wider seat accompanied by a trained medical escort or Doctor on board.

Worldwide Hotline (24/7): +91 9998111179