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Air Ambulance World is a global leader in providing Medical Transfers of patients by Air Transport. We have dedicated aircrafts configured into Air Ambulance with full ICU setup on board to shift patients of various kinds globally within a short time.

Air Ambulance Service is the fastest method of transporting critically ill patients from one facility to another, or to bring them closer to loved ones. This is particularly important for domestic & international air ambulance transports, when it is necessary to fly a patient long distances with the assistance of qualified medical staff.

We understand that not every family or customer will be rich enough to afford Air Ambulance. That’s why taking it as a social cause, we ensure that we make the most affordable costing for the transfer of patient. If you are looking for a medical transfer with experienced team at a lower cost, then you may reach us to discuss on the same.

Air Ambulance World has a team of over 21 medical professionals including Doctors, Paramedics & Nurses those who assist in airlifting normal to critical patients with full ICU facility on board to any location of their desire.

We mainly have handled cases mostly as under:

  • Orthopedic Patients
  • Pediatric Cases
  • Accidental Cases
  • Critical Old Age Patients
  • Neurology Cases
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology (Cancer Patients)
  • Multiple Organ Failure (Liver/Kidney)

Our base & reach location includes: India, UAE, Gulf & Middle East, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, UK, Europe, Hong Kong & Japan. Having multiple base locations helps us to cover almost 85% of countries and cities around the globe.

Most trusted & Preferred Air Ambulance Service provider among Hospitals & Doctors worldwide ..!!